Suburban Pagan?

What is Suburban Pagan? What started out as a T-shirt print shop featuring Pagan centric fun products, has slowly morphed into a place where I let my creative flag fly.

I've been doing art roughly for 30 years professionally and I need a place where I can share my love for the craft of creating. Just a normal person, my days are spent working on shop items, blogs, videos, writing and most importantly taking care of my 3 young children.

I'm an avid animal lover and many of my art pieces feature our furry, feathered or scaled friends. My favorite pieces to make are my pet memorial pieces and my fantasy DND items.

I love all things dark and macabre but I'm also nuts over all things kawaii. This means I'm about as eclectic as they come.

As my children get a little older and more independent I'm finding myself able to come into myself and focus on creating art.